Sewing the Seeds New Centre

Sewing the Seeds New Centre
After many years of sharing a space and working alongside Samugam & Jally Home, Sewing the Seeds have taken a giant leap by moving into their very own centre to support further growth as an independent women-led and run, sewing centre for women from marginalised communities.

Since their move they have been busy setting up new sewing machines, building their own cutting table and moving swiftly into curating new products for their supporters. Alongside our monthly donations, Daughters of India have continued to support Sewing the Seeds through wholesale orders of the beautiful upcycled sari bags during this transition period.
A group of women from Sewing the Seeds standing together at the new centre
The women from the centre are so happy to share how much their skillsets have expanded since our donations began. This year, Sewing the Seeds have a strong focus on fashion design and production. Daughters of India are proud to announce they will be opening up the opportunity for a collaboration dress to be made by the STS women! The challenge will not only increase the women’s confidence, it will further support the centre’s dream to influence the future narrative of slow fashion.

Other opportunities of support have now also become available for the women of the centre, including interest free micro-loans for the women to pay for their children’s education. Many of the women at STS are forced to take out high interest loans to pay for their children’s education every year and spend the majority of their wages paying off these loans. STS are now committed to providing their staff with offers of interest free micro-loans for those who need to pay for their children’s education without the burden of high interest rates!

In addition, Sewing the Seeds have been committed to ensuring the women have professional medical and mental-health support on a monthly basis. Providing the women with equitable access to health and well-being resources is beneficial to ensure the women are receiving appropriate care and can continue working in the centre.
The centre has become a second home for many of these women. With a safe environment for them to truly express themselves in, many of the women share a family-like bond. Self-care practices are a high priority in the centre. The women are encouraged to take time throughout the day for chai breaks, are highly supported to celebrate important cultural events, and enjoy social activities such as lunch dates and movie nights together. Such practices are important for personal and communal well-being and bring a general feeling of gratitude and upliftment to all the women.

It is a blessing to see all of their smiling faces and hear how much our donations are supporting the centre’s growth and truly impacting the lives of these women, their families, and communities. Please know that each and every Daughters of India garment sold is contributing to this, and we are all so thankful for your support!

With love and gratitude,

Daughters of India xx