Recipe: Nourishing Ayurvedic Cacao

Nourishing Ayurvedic Cacao Recipe

Nourishing Ayurvedic Cacao

Tantalise your tastebuds with this deliciously sweet and nourishing warm cacao recipe created by the beautiful Ayurvedic Health Advisor & Chef Emily Carton of @ahara.rasa.

Emily wearing the Rooh Mini in Cacao enjoying a nourishing Ayurvedic Cacao.

Emily seen above wears the Rooh Maxi in Cacao

Ayurvedic Cacao Recipe

This Ayurvedic hot chocolate recipe is the perfect treat to enjoy when you are craving something sweet but still ‘sattvic’ or balanced in nature. The rich, bitter taste of cacao paired with warming spices is balancing for kapha dosha or those in colder climates. Whilst the sweetness of maple and ghee round out the beverage to keep you grounded and calm.

Cacao Ingredients
1 cup of milk of choice 
1 heaped teaspoon of cacao or carob powder (caffeine-free option)
¼ teaspoon cinnamon
¼ teaspoon of cardamom
¼ teaspoon of ginger
Pinch of clove
1 teaspoon of maple syrup
1 teaspoon of ghee

Emily Thoughtfully Making the Cacao RecipeMethodIn a small saucepan, heat the milk until hot but just below a boil. When heated, add the cacao, spices and ghee if using. Transfer to a high-speed blender and blend until a frothy consistency. Pour into your favourite cup and garnish with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Pouring the Cacao into a ceramic mug, garnished with cinnamon and rose petals

*If you are craving the chocolate taste but know that cacao may be too stimulating for your nervous system (particularly at night), carob is a wonderful alternative.

Enjoy xo