Postcards from India: Issue 3 | Anushrees Dream

Hello Beauties, 

In this months edit, we would like to share with you some news from a very special facility we work with in India and the artisans that created our recent release of our Diya in Chestnut. We intentionally seek out facilities that honour our ethos and culture here at DOI. This particular facility is based out of Jaipur. These beautiful artisans carefully consider everything they do and stitch magic into every detail. We hope you feel the love and intention that is put into these pieces. 

When we first started working with Anushrees facility it was in intimate space. She had 3 artisans in her stitching department. We are pleased to share with you that she now has 15 staff that she is able to support there which is truly wonderful! Recently, I chatted to Anushree while she had her morning coffee (and after we swapped tales of motherhood and her previous nights lack of sleep with her teething 18 month old) Anushree shared with me that her dream was always to own a block of land to build her own facility on. Well, we are thrilled to be able to tell you her dream has just come true! Only a few short months ago she purchased a block of land of her very own to build a larger facility on because of Daughters of India. 

We can not wait to share more about the beautiful Anushree and her artisans in their new space later this year. 

We would also like to let you know that sustainability and how to nurture our beautiful planet is always at the forefront of our minds. We are always looking at extending on this at every opportunity. While we can not say too much yet, over this last month we have been very busy in the background working towards a new initiative with a company that assists in regeneration that we are incredibly excited about! We can not wait to share more on this topic in the upcoming months!

We have highlighted below some “In The Making” imagery of our stunning Diya Dresses and the gorgeous artisans from Anushree’s facility.

We look forward to keeping you updated month by month on our artisans and incredible empowering creations from us to you.

With Love,