Moon Musings with Brooke MacQueen from Various Friends

 Hello DOI Lovers,

We have always been drawn to the stars, so it was only natural for us to reach out to our favourite astrologist, writer & friend, Brooke MacQueen, founder of Various Friends, to learn more about the curation of poetic horoscopes, moon musings and lunar cycles. This is what she said when we got curious...  

We can see that you have been an Astrologer for the last five years … have you always been drawn to the stars, or if not, when did the star gazing begin?

Oh, how my life would have been so much easier if I had found Astrology as a teenager. Maybe it would have been less awkward. No, it still would have been awkward! Growing up, I always had a fascination with sun signs. I knew my mother was a Cancer, my father a Leo and my brother a Taurus, but more importantly, I was an Aries, and I would read horoscopes in Cosmo etc. It wasn’t until I became a mother that I took on studying professionally. When my son Banjo was 1, I was utterly lost in my new identity as a mother, to which I sought help from an intuitive counsellor. During my session, the counsellor asked me, “what do you love?” I instantly replied, “Astrology.” So, she told me to “just do that then.” At this stage, I had no idea the order of the 12 signs. Look, I didn’t know the 12 signs. I knew there was a New Moon and a Full Moon, which concluded my Astrological repertoire. 

“Just do that.” How simple. So, I looked for an Astrologer to read my chart; she did and said she would love to tutor me, and the rest is history.  

Can you elaborate on how Astrology affects us, especially how we can work with the phases of the lunar cycle?

As above, so below. Astrology teaches synchronicity and that the individual person is essentially no different from the greater whole (the universe). The planets show us what the cosmos is trying to teach; we don’t necessarily learn the lesson. The planets and the luminaries (Sun & Moon) don’t make you do anything (sorry to bust the ‘blame it on Mercury Retrograde’ or ‘the Moon made me do it' bubble). They illuminate and suggest, but you must take responsibility to integrate.

Traditionally the Moon represents your feelings, reactions and instincts. The process of the Moon is protection and nourishment. The purpose is growth. You can use the lunar phases to build and develop organic structures.

You seem to truly resonate with your writing … have you always been a creative writer? 

Maybe and I didn’t know it. It’s always been about the song lyrics rather than the melody. I was above average in English in high school and lacked a basic understanding of math! I love poetry and wrote a few poems here and there. However, it wasn’t until I studied Astrology that I found my creative medium. While all art is subjective, it’s imperative when interpreting Astrology that you remain objective so that you aren’t speaking from a wounded healer’s place. Instead, I tell a story and write poetry that may or may not give some clarity, but rather it makes you pay attention to begin an honest conversation with yourself. Knowledge implies responsibility. 

What advice would you give to a budding Astrologer? 

Part one would be to study with a professional Astrologer that you resonate with and see if they offer mentoring or online courses. Self-study leaves room for gaps and does not offer the synthesis needed. Then deeply exhale as it can be overwhelming; it’s a historical, spiritual, mythological and a mathematical lesson. It’s an art form, a symbolic language, a discipline of the mind and most importantly, it encourages you to take personal responsibility through self-actualisation. 

Part two would be to decide what type of Astrologer you want to be. Astrology may be applied in three general areas, the individual, the collective or the esoteric. Do you want to hold space for others and read charts as a counsellor (for which you need an understanding of the human condition)? Are you a wordsmith, and would you like to write horoscopes? Are you a content creator? 

The second part may come after you have studied for a while, or you may intuitively know already. The beautiful part is that your study of Astrology never ends, and at times it may feel like the more you know, the less you know. Just like Astrology is concerned with a cyclic process of unfoldment, so is your Astrological journey. 

Trust me, I know. I started writing kid’s Astrology now; I am working on a project based on sexual Astrology. I guess they both go hand in hand, now, don’t they?!

What is your favourite DOI design and why? 

I’ve been a Kyra Mini girl since day dot. I have a short torso and it flows nicely above my knees to give me some imaginary length. I pair it with my Teva sandals, boots and sneakers. I also love the dramatic sleeves; they give it an extra touch of elegance—poetry in motion or at least the perfect dress for when you are feeling blah or beautiful and every mood in between. 

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(words by Britt Overeem)