Life on the road with @kendallbaggerly

Sometimes our soul craves the unimaginable, dreaming up wild adventures beyond the throws of daily life. Lending gifts of encouragement, it dares us to take giant leaps of faith into otherworldly pools of possibility. Often we may file these away in the cabinet of daydreams as we sit humbly in our office chair. Though what would happen if we lent into this as intuitive guidance leading us to a path of greater fulfilment?

For Kendall and her partner Glenn, there was simply only one way to find out. Join us as we take a moment to slow down with Kendall and discover what led her to follow her dreams of driving towards an endless summer.

Tell us a bit about your beautiful self… When did you begin your “life on the road” and what was it that sparked this desire for unbound adventure?

I moved to Sydney from California to be with my partner Glenn, which is where we based ourselves and jumped into full-time city jobs. I realised after about a year that this lifestyle wasn’t fulfilling me and that I yearned to see more of the country I now call home.

We bought an old VW van to take on weekend trips out of the city, which is when we decided to take the leap and quit our jobs to travel the country. We only planned to be on the road for 12 months, but now we’re almost 4 years in with a new set up and a dog!

It’s crazy where life can take you when you choose to prioritise what truly lights your fire. There have been endless challenges and sacrifices we’ve had to make to keep this way of life going for this long, but it’s been hands down the best decision we ever made. 

What helps you feel empowered as a woman?

Being surrounded by other women! I’ve had the privilege of creating friendships with so many incredible women on the road who have shown me how magical it is to be one. From solo female travellers to mothers raising their kids in a van to adventure-craving hikers, surfers, divers…it’s impossible not to feel empowered seeing everything we can do as women. We’re pretty damn cool. 

What’s your recipe for slowing down and feeling present in the moment?

I try to place importance on the simple things, as cliché as that may sound. Morning coffee, feeling the sun on my skin, journaling, listening to birds, watching the waves. I find that I can really pull myself into the present moment if I pay attention to what each of my senses are noticing. 

How do you love exploring in Daughters of India?

Having such a tiny home (and closet) means prioritising quality pieces that are easy to throw on. I adore each of my Daughters of India dresses and how transitional they are through the different climates and seasons we experience. They make me feel effortlessly beautiful (even if I haven’t had a proper shower in one too many days).

Do you have some words of advice to share with our readers?

If you can take anything from this journal piece, let it be that you should never settle for anything less than what truly makes you happy. If there’s something you’ve been holding off on doing, just do it. There will never be a ‘perfect’ time to take that leap; you’ll figure out all the details along the way. Life is happening all around you, so go make the most of it and chase after your wildest dreams. 

(By Ella Josephine Archer)