In Conversation with Slow Silversmith Madeline from @Wanderscout_



Silversmith, Arts Psychotherapist and Mother. Meet Madeline, based out of Wonnarua Lands in the Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia. Madeline is crafting the most unforgettably beautiful and unique jewellery as she pushes boundaries with her style and technique. We are completely taken by her works, their symbolism and the intent behind her designs. We were so intrigued that we reached out to find out more and this is what she had to say when we got curious…   

We would love to know where your silversmith journey started and how long you have been doing this for now? 

I officially began producing work with silver in 2020. Just before my first child was born. Before silversmithing, I was working with copper in similar respect - which I loved! Though I had high levels of copper in my blood when we began trying for a baby and needed to distance myself from the metal. I was able to transition into silver seamlessly as I already had experience with other metalwork. 

The journey with Wander Scout itself has evolved from clay and ceramics in 2018, to copper and now into silversmithing. My brand above all else is my artistic expression and I am grateful to be able to go where my curiosity takes me.

We can see that you work with a modality technique, what drew you to that? 

Who doesn't love some silver! Moving into silver was a big deal for me as it was a leap away from base metals and began my path with precious metals. 

I use a mixture of traditional techniques and precious metal clay. It has been my favourite evolution of my art so far. 

Where do you draw your inspiration from with your designs? You are quite the artist incorporating both people & botanicals in one!

My inspiration stems from my academic and philosophical self.  I am a trained Transpersonal Arts Psychotherapist who enjoys gestalt and ecopsychology. My personal lens of the world incorporates that I am as much of the ecosystem as every other living thing around me, and I believe that there is phenomenal growth and reflection found within nature.

When we give our body the time to sit and respond to the world around us profound shifts can occur and I try to manifest that reminder within our designs.

 I try to keep our pieces open for personal interpretation so the wearer can form their own narrative and meaning around the jewellery. Allowing the designs to be a totem of transformation and reflection on a personal level. - At least that's what I hope!

We can see you are a full-time Mother and doing this dance with two under two. What are your children's names? Do you include them in your studio to watch their Mama creating? We are sure they have their very own treasure boxes filled with their favourites created by you! How do you balance this dance?

Aurelius (aka Rei, Reishi) was born at home during the first week of lockdowns in Australia - in 2020He has now just had his second birthday and Edith is my youngest, at 10 months old. 

It just clicked with Rei that "mamma makes necklaces'', however, he is more interested in my hammers and tools than the jewellery itself!

Edie likes everything shiny and has been in the studio with me a lot up until this point. Though now she is cruising about, it is not as safe to have her in with the power tools and flames!

So, Wanderscout keeps papa Mark (my partner) at home and he hangs with the kids while I work.  I'm grateful to have the studio at home so I can work during nap times and at night to finish off my work around their schedules. 

We are a slow made brand and one of the biggest reasons for this is I prioritise parenting above all else. 


What is your favourite DOI design & why... 

It's a battle between the  Kyra Mini Dress ~ Jade and the Zuri Wrap Dress ~ Sage. I wear both of them AT LEAST once a week. I love how baby-friendly and feeding friendly they are - such a no fuss look. It doesn't matter how tired and frazzled I am, I know I can chuck one of them on and look and feel beautiful. 

Wander Scout focuses on small business sustainability and bringing affordable high-quality artisan jewellery to our community, We look forward to following her journey.

View Madeline's beautiful works on her website here: or follow along with her journey on Instagram @wanderscout_




(Words by Britt Overeem)