Florals Forever with @sharneethorpe of @wanderingfolk

Florals Forever with Sharnee Thorpe of Wandering Folk

Flowers, with their delicate petals and vibrant colours, have long been revered as an exquisite symbol of femininity. Much like the multifaceted nature of women, flowers possess an undeniable grace and strength that captivates the senses. Their ability to bloom and thrive in diverse environments mirrors the resilience and growth that define the essence of womanhood. Just as flowers bring beauty to the world, so too do women with their unique qualities and contributions, making the connection between these two symbols a truly captivating and inspiring one.

Such a notion is beautifully explored by the Flower Queen herself, Sharnee Thorpe. Sharnee is an empowering artist and mother who bloomed her love for hand-drawing vintage florals into a range of thoughtfully crafted picnic essentials that echo the essence of slow living and wandering as a way of life. Join us as we embrace a moment to slow down and discover more about Sharnee’s forever love for all things floral.

Meera Wrap Top Peony

Sharnee wears the Meera Top in Peony in Size M

What is it about floral artwork and design that ignites your heart?

The beauty of a floral artwork will always have my heart, I love the free-flowing forms of a flower, the curve of the petals and unlimited natural colours of a bloom still takes my breath away.  

Tell us about your design process and how you channel your love of florals into your creations?

My design process starts with a spark of an idea, it can be from something I collected on a beach walk or a shadow of a flower on the pavement, a colourful photo of a flower I’ve taken or a beautiful floral vintage fabric. I love to go deep into researching the theme or colour palette I’ve come up with, then I start drawing organic lines in pencil, followed by painting all the elements with gouache or watercolour. After I’ve scanned in the motifs for the print, I start the design process of cutting out and laying out the repeat in photoshop. I love a floral pattern because of the free flowing placements of the elements vs a structured geometric pattern. 

Nora Mini Primrose

Sharnee wears the Nora Mini in Primrose in Size M

Many artists find a profound connection between their art and their personal experiences. How does your love for florals serve as a reflection of your own emotions, memories, or relationships?

I’ve always loved flowers from an early age, when I was little I would watch my grandma paint flowers on a huge canvas and I would sit next to her drawing birds and flowers.

When I was working at a print studio in Sydney I was called the Flower Queen by everyone in the office haha as I was always the one designing all the floral prints.

If I wasn’t a textile designer I would have loved to be a florist, playing with flowers, it just brings me so much joy. The beauty of the natural form and the elegance and grace of a flower sparks so many beautiful memories of my childhood collecting flowers wherever I went.

I feel like flowers have always been part of my journey, they have so many special meanings throughout my life.   

Kyra Maxi Fuchsia Bloom

Sharnee wears the Kyra Maxi in Fuchsia Bloom in Size L

What is it you love most about connecting with nature?

Nature brings me so much calm, it’s a reset from my very FULL life. Disconnecting and the ‘wow’ of nature really is like a medicine. I can also feel the shift in my daughter, Velvet, when we are out in nature, she just thrives outside.

Which of our floral designs is your favourite?

I LOVE the Nora Mini Dress in Primrose, I think it’s the patchwork of florals in different scales and the contrasted background colours ... I'm obsessed with the soft dusty pink colour. 

So are we! You can shop our delightful Nora Mini Dress in Primrose here.

Journal by Ella Josephine Archer