A flower farm picnic on a road less travelled


As we drove along the windy road, off the beaten track, stopping to let wallabies jump across the path and into the grassy hills. We passed by a farm with donkeys and lamas and knew that the day was going to be something made out of a fairytale. 

Arriving at the most glorious flower farm we ever did see and embracing the stunning owner, Jen. We walked over to the most picturesque setting. A low lying table with linen picnic blankets, cushions, umbrellas and decorations that had our eyes in heavenly disbelief and our mouths watering. 

A tribute and thank you to our team members who graciously give so much energy, love, care and nurture to each and everyone in our team. A powerful group of women who hold each other up, who love unconditionally and keep the cogs turning at Daughters of India’s HQ everyday. 

Megan wearing our new Sahana Dress to be released soon (sneak peak) & Britt wearing our Ishya Gown in Butter. 

We’re not going to lie, there were tears, cuddles, beautiful words and embracement the entire day. After the year that has been, we know that gatherings are a privilege, which made it all the more special. It was a day that we celebrated the successes, triumphs and challenges that 2021 had for us all. 

As we journeyed further into the magic of the flower farm, sipping champagne and snipping flowers, the serenading sweet sounds of Hannah Darling travelled into the wide open spaces and melted our hearts. 

Sitting back down for delicious deserts, our thank you gifts to the team were ‘a little bit special’ celebrating and supporting local artisans and brands that we love. It was a piece of our favourite things gifted to each team member. Including beautiful The Line of Sun necklaces, our favourite natural perfume by Ayu, Wandering Sun Baskets and Linen Social Picnic Blankets.

As the day came to a close, bellies full, hearts fuller and feeling blessed to have these stunning ladies in our world, we couldn’t have been more in awe of Jen’s Seed & Stem Flower Farm, of our Daughters of India team and of what we survived and achieved in 2021.

We can’t wait to see what 2022 has in stall for us all,
 Lots of love from Daughters of India Head Quarters x


A special thank you to all of the incredible businesses involved in making the event so special: 

Styling and Event Coordinator: Britt Overeem
Britt wearing our Ishya Butter Gown
Dessert Catering: The Cake That Ate Paris
Catering Linen: Linen social 
Livvie wearing our White Gauze Kyra Midi Dress
Baskets: Wandering Sol
Baskets with Sorbet: The Beach People
Picnic Blankets:  Linen social
Hannah Darling wearing our Prairie in Autumn
Gifted Perfume: Ayu 
Gifted necklace: The Line Of Sun

Anezke wears our Cumin Kyra
Jen wears our Marigold Kyra Midi
Bree wears our Sumac Kyra Mini
Megan wears our new Sahana colour way soon to be release ( sneak peak).
Leael above wears our Kyra mini in Cumin
Ella wears a new colour ~ coming soon.